After staying in Nairobi on Sunday night, we arrived in Maai Mahiu yesterday. Here are a few photos I took along the short drive. Feels good to finally be here after hearing about it for such a long time. It definitely is beginning to sink in for not just myself but everyone else in my group that we are indeed here in Kenya. The children are absolutely amazing. We had a tour of the town and by the end of walking around for an hour or so we became very popular with a following of school children wanting us to take their photos and hold their hands. It was pretty intense but also inspiring at the same time how happy they are with basically nothing, they don’t know otherwise. Tomorrow we will go to visit the CTC International office and learn a bit more about what we will be doing to help in the next few weeks. Until then…


So nice to get a visual on what is happening with you a world away from here! xo